I'm not sure how to begin this paragraph but I do want to start by at least saying that I love eating.  I've gotten plenty of practice too.  21 years to be exact, and I plan to continue my craft as long as I live.  I hate tuna though.  Not sure why people eat that stuff...

I grew up in Marlboro, New Jersey and my neighborhood sat right behind one of the nations largest abandoned insane asylums.  You can imagine the stories that came from that place. In middle school I started making stop motion animations with a small point and shoot camera.  I continued my animation hobby until high school where I started a Stop Motion Club. Except we didn't do stop motion; we made videos.  One every week. 

During that time I made my first feature length film, attended the Interlochen Motion Picture Arts Academy Camp and wrote a short film that I eventually shot as my USC application film.

It wasn't until Junior year of high school when I gathered a group of willing friends to make a live-action cinematic trailer parody of the popular Temple Run app.  The video received 1.2 Million views, was promoted by the Temple Run creators themselves, and landed me a few commercial gigs.  With the same team, we continued the trend and made a parody trailer for the popular Draw Something app which also produced a similar effect.

In 2013, I began my studies at the USC School of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles.  It has been a life changing, prospective changing, hair style changing look into the future of where I saw my film making career heading.  Cinematography had always been my focus from the beginning and I strive to excel in it everyday. Ultimately I want to be a storyteller and there are stories that I've been itching to tell for years. That has lead me to excel in writing and directing as well.

Aside from filmmaking, I've studied classical piano for 12 years and performed twice in the quadrennial Shanghai International Music festival in China.  I also had the wonderful opportunity to represent the United States in the Cecilian Music Club Italian event where I performed "America the Beautiful" in the Olympic Stadium in Rome and personally shook hands with Pope Benedict IVI!  His hands were kind of sweaty.

I'm currently a Senior at SCA and acknowledge I still have much to learn and while this industry scares me sometimes, I know one thing for sure.  I trust God will lead me wherever I need to go.