Only had a 50mm on me at the time. 20 mins of planing, went out to the harbor and started to shoot. Half way through the first take, thunder and lightning came rushing in. We got about 3 useable takes without any rain but then it started to pour. Like torrential downpour kind of pour. Definitely one of the better "screw it... Let's go for it and hope for the best" moments I've had. The massive droplets of rain and strong wind made it exceptionally difficult to stay in control of my glidecam. Decided to shoot 50fps in 720p in case I wanted to slow anything down in post. Kinda regret that being that this was a choreo piece and didn't call for any slow mo. Kept thinking I could have sworn I read somewhere that the Canon 60D was weather sealed. Turns out I was thinking of an article about the 7D. So lo and behold, my camera shorts out mid take. Nothing else we could do but wrap up and go. I was pretty worried my camera wasn't going to come back to life. There was water inside the screen and everything. Got home and checked the footage. Luckily it saved the last take. Was considering buying a bag of rice to dry out my camera. A few hours on and off with the hair dryer did the trick. It switched on almost like nothing ever happened. Except... it didn't turn back on after that. I guess I fried the insides after trying to turn it on and off while it was still wet. Oh well... learned something